Our Sponsors

Crafting has been shown to be of great benefit to improve mental health. We are fortunate to have received some much needed sponsorship from various organisations towards offering free workshops, primarily aimed at those struggling with mental health concerns, as well as for those who couldn’t otherwise afford to take part. 

The Lions Club of Chippenham kindly donated £100 for us to be able to buy some storage furniture for our craft supplies.

The Rotary Club kindly donated £1000 which has helped tremendously with start up costs and providing free workshops.

Corsham Community Area Health & Wellbeing Group kindly donated £800 towards start up costs and providing free workshops. 

FXT PT & Wild Fitness have chosen Corsham Crafty Hub as their fundraising organisation for 2019. They have organised events and done challenges as well as providing virtual fitness challenges to fundraise for the Hub.  They have helped raise over £500 so far towards our free workshops!

We are always in need of ongoing funding and any donations we receive are greatly appreciated. As we are a non-profit organisation, all donations and money raised go solely towards our running costs. If you would like to offer your support you can do so through our GoFundMe page.